Thursday, October 8, 2009

not much, happening here...

just got my Scenic Route grab bags...oh wow, got some great papers. Almost want to go back for more....what do you think?

this week has been flying by. Wakeup, go to work, work, come home, watch a couple of shows...go sleep. No time for scrappin', bloggin'...pooey.

I did get caught up with P365 on Monday! waahoo! something accomplished.

this weekend is going to be busy..Saturday is 'booked'. A bbq, with very old friends, then dh is helping out at a fundraiser concert at church. Then NEXT Saturday is our crop. Our scrap group decided instead of the expense of going to Scrapbook Expo in Sacramento, we are going to crop locally instead.

My li'l cupcake is getting ready to travel. She and her family will be leaving Sunday night for 10 days...going to Indiana (I guess the other gma should get the chance to meet her)(hmmmmph)and then to Texas (to visit dd and dsil and my sisters)

I'm sure gonna miss them...I'll be having withdrawals, I'm sure. I've offered to babysit, ANYtime in the coming days...I'm simply gonna need my Adriana fix!!

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