Friday, October 16, 2009


yay! yay!
I've got 4 days this weekend, as I took Monday off also.

but each day has New Hope, then vet (little Charlette needs her kitten shots and we've got to plan her Spay appt) then packing....for tomorrow's...CROP!!!

Sunday - after church, its open...yay! Maybe I'll watch some of the movies on the dvr...or the episodes of NCIS LA. I've been taping them instead of watching, as I HAD to see Hell's Kitchen. I was pulling for Kevin, but am not unhappy about Dave.

Monday - find a place to get mom's flu shot, then clean the kids' tile floors. With the rainy weather and me going in and out of their house twice a day, the entry way needs some sprucing. and the laundry room (cat litter)

Tuesday - work

Weds - work then pick up kids! My li'l cupcake will be home!! (happy dance smiley face)

then, Friday I'll get to babysit her. Dad will be working and mom has a dr's appt!

soooo, things are looking busy, but good around here.

Crop...our group is getting together in Oakdale. there is a place owned by a gal named Karen, she has a seperate building on her property set up for croppin' and she sells basic supplies, cardstock and embellies. Most of our group is attending, except Gina, who thinks she should celebrate her anniversary with her husband. (silly girl)

I am lookin' soooooo forward to this!! Been packing bits and pieces all week. And yes, I'm going to take my Slice.

Oh, haven't talked about Charlette. She is honing her jumping skills. She hasn't made the top of cabinets or tv cabinet, yet. But she is up to counter tops...and light switches. Yes, too much fun. of course, Michael tells me "YOU should really teach her not to jump on the counters" Yes, he's decided HE doesn't want to be the 'bad guy', so it is up to me to discipline.

here she is on her 'condo'
as you can see, I bought one with a 'ramp' for the older cats..but so far, they have no interest. But, I think Percy LOVES it when she is up there..cuz when she is, she is not chasing him!!

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nyki said...

don't clean our floors! it only happens once a month and it's not time yet:) i won't say anything about the litter box, i can imagine the smell when you walk in and don't blame you for wanting to.