Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday night...

Good weekend so far. did accomplish some scrappin' swap (yay) and working on the Learn Something New...I've been finding quotes to go in my album.

Got to see Adriana this afternoon, of course, forgot my camera...but we had Nyki's!! Hopefully, she'll send the pics some funny ones.

took Charlette with me so she could have a play date with her nephews. Up and down, play, play...she was so tired. (nice to play with cats that don't growl and hiss at her) She was sleeping on the couch when it was time to leave..I was able to pick her up, without her moving from the sleep position. She only 'tensed' when she realized I was putting her in the carrier. She did not want to go home! and when she came home, she slept till 8 at night, just pooped. But don't worry, its almost 10pm and she is wide awake as I type, getting into everything she can find...siiiiigh.

Mom is in a better mood, the Dodgers finally won the game they need to 'clinch' the playoffs. teehee. It's been a lot of fun to tease her, actually.

okay, I'm starting to yawn...time for night-night. No work tomorrow, one of the minimum shop days, so tomorrow we are making a Wallyworld trip... have a bit of running around to do. Will stop by M's, want to get an album with my 40%off coupon. MAY have some portraits of Adriana. We'll see how that works out for Nyki.

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