Tuesday, March 8, 2011

signed up for Jenny Craig

Decided I've had enough of this plateau..have not lost anything since June 2010..and since eating is my 'weak' point, thought it would be nice to follow a plan. So, went in today and will start tomorrow. I did the basic 10 week plan, since it will end May 17, around the time of my surgery. Will see how it goes, and then will reevaluate after.

Guess I should take a 'before' pic...ha!! though one was taken at the center. I'll be going in every Friday afternoon, to meet with my consultant and pick up the food for the coming week. My consutant is a gal named Sandy, apparently she was a client who was successful and is now working for them. I think that is pretty cool. I did not meet with her today, it was with the office manager. So...we'll see.

On the way home, I ate one of the 'anytime bars'...not bad tasting..BUT it did leave me rather...how shall I say this delicately...ummm..gassy. I got on the website's message boards, and apparently it can do that. A lot of the women substitute yogurt for the bar, which is what I'm going to do. Especially at work. I could not even stand, I was in so much distress, I was leaning on the couch arm eating raisins to try to alleviate it. siiiiiigh.

not a stellar start. But still hoping for the best!!

20 lbs in 10 weeks!! that would be so great!

I'll keep ya'll updated.

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