Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jenny Craig day 1

since ya'll are curious, okay, I'd know I'd be curious...the food was pretty darn good!

It is 3 meals, and 3 can add fruits and veggies to enhance and there is a salad every day for lunch. You are given a chart to keep track and to make notes.

Morning I had the Cranberry/Almond Cereal, very yummy
Morning snack - I had a called for the anytime bar...but we know how I reacted to that! so, I substituted

Lunch - the chicken salad kit, a potted chicken salad (kinda reminded me of the chicken sandwich spread with the li'l devil trademark) and wheat crackers and applesauce. It was good! Also had my own garden salad with Jenny ranch dressing.

Lunch Snack - a bag of Jenny White Cheddar Popcorn...also very yummy

Dinner - a frozen dinner Salsbury steak - also yummy...I had boiled some carrots as my veggie side, I usually add butter/sugar to these to glaze them, but instead I put them in the container and used the salsbury gravy as my glaze, it was good!

Dinner Snack - shared a yogurt with Adriana. Translation, she ate most of it, I had a couple of spoonfulls.

I find it hard to eat every two hours, esp at break is at 10 am , lunch at 1pm, sooo I got VERRRY hungry in between. So, I think the mornings I'll need to 'tweak'...go for something more substantial.

You are also supposed to drink milk with every breakfast...siiiiigh. I don't like milk, so this morning (day 2) I had my Biggest Loser protein shake ... hopefully this also makes up for the protein I'm not getting by avoiding their bar.

I meet with the consultant (I think) tomorrow. We'll see!!

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Janet said...

I am very proud of you being off to a good start. Hang in there girl. :)