Friday, March 11, 2011

Jenny Craig food, day2..and Biggest Loser

Breakfast -had the Sunrise Scramble - surprisingly good, I stay away from frozen eggs, but was real surprised

Lunch - Broccoli & Cheese Potato - eh, not a favorite, the potato part was starchy and the broccoli part was overboiled broccoli..I prefer mine, no thanks

Dinner - Chicken Parmasan - yummy! the broccoli was again overdone no flavor, but the chicken and pasta bows, very good

and after dinner snack - Walnut Brownie - oh my!!! it was previously frozen so it was a li'l messy toward the end, but I could eat one a day!!

Met with my consultant, today was a quick orientation type meeting and answered some I should not add peanut to my apple yesterday, it is considered a 'fat' ... pooh! I've really become dependant on p butter in my lifestyle change. So, she is encouraging me to stick with the menu, though I don't have to keep it in the same order...but not to be adding/substituting...siiiiiigh

I did a li'l crafting today! Worked on an ATC...lots of misting. When it dries, I'll post a pic.

And a lot of laundry, in fact there is a 'load' calling my name. Hopefully will get some Zumba in. Watched my dvr'd episode of Biggest Loser...I fast forward through a lot, I really don't like the 'speeches' everyone gives at the weigh in and during the vote..."I admire you so much, but I'm voting for you...blah, blah, blah."

Don't have any favorites this season. Also that way about Top Chef..I'd be happy to see any of the remaining ones win...hmmmm, I used to be so much more opinionated!

edited to add pic of dolphin ATC...prettier in irl cuz you can see the shimmer/glimmer of the mists. Oh, this is for the Pick a Theme PAT Swap on use more swappers...hint, hint

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