Tuesday, March 8, 2011

watch out for little miss!

dd, dsil and sweet pie right before they left for their meeting. Well, sweet pie stayed home with grandma.

Last night, we had a burger-fest at our house, the whole family and a couple of friends of dd and dsil's. Well, during the chaos right before serving...I was at the stove preparing sides, dd was at the counter cutting up lettuce, tomato, cheese, avacado..and ddil was going to start toasting the buns. We all took our eyes off the litte miss...dh comes in and says, "You know she has half a bun, don't ya?" Little Miss snagged a bun from the open package on the counter! This morning, dh and I woke up to a trail of bun crumbs throughout the living room and hallway!!

She is sooooo much fun! At the dinner table, she would laugh loudly along with the adults. Whatta little personality. She imitates everyone. She is 'learning' names, it was cool last night when she wanted to pet 'sssandra'...our cat, Cassandra. She is saying her own name with "annda" ...and I LOVE being ga'my!!

This is the kid's last night in town, they leave early tomorrow morning, dd has a class tomorrow night...boohoo. Hopefully, I'll get to see them most of today..I do have an appt in 'town'...Jenny Craig. Think I'm gonna sign up and try to get over this plateau. Since food is my weakness, dh is on board, soooo we'll see!!

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Janet said...

They are such a beautiful family. Little one does look like she would be fun. lol :)