Friday, March 18, 2011

Jenny Craig, Week 1

so far, the food is pretty good.

my day 7: Honey Oat Bar, a li'l dry, but okay
Cheesy Enchilada - I actually really liked this one. But, I'm an enchilda fiend anyways
Spaghetti - it was fine!!

so, so far, I'd say the food is good! Not gourmet, may favorite food ever, but good!

When I stepped on the scale Weds Morning, I was at 182.6...5 lbs in a week.
This morn, that is the one I posted. I don't normally weigh twice a week, but I go in this afternoon to the Jenny Craig center, so wanted to get a feel for the difference between our scales.

BUT I ain't unhappy...I'm below my 'obese' line! And hopefully have broken the plateau. Hope to see that scale continue down, down, down.

Now, I know the first week is always a greater loss. As your metabolism is still reacting to the changes. Soon it will re-adjust and I'll need to re-adjust the routine. Already thinking I may need a couple of 'increased calorie' days, like when I go to crops!! ha!!!

Had a chance to read the booklet they gave me. Went thru the section about eating styles. There is the Uniformed Eater, you want to eat well, but just don't know ...I don't feel I fall into this category, I used to...but after a year and a half here on Spark...I feel pretty informed

There is the Emotional Eater...we all know what that means...except for wanting a Pepsi and or a treat when stressed, I don't feel I fall into that category. Gotta come up with a plan about how else I can handle stress. For me, it is usually at taking a bubble bath or going for a walk is out. hmmmm, any ideas?

There is the Unconcious Eater...that may be know, not only eating in front of the tv and computer, but also eating out of 'routine'. For example, when I go shopping at Walmart, there is a Weinershnitzal, so its become habit to drive thru and get a couple of corn dogs and a soft serve cone. Not necessarily because I'm hungry, but because its part of the routine.

There is the Social Eater...feeling like you've got to eat while socializing to not hurt feelings or to take part in the function...not me! First of all, I'm not very social...and I'm okay with not taking part. Now, tomorrow, my dh is cooking for the Spaghetti Feed at the Church. My plan, continue the Jenny Craig, with eating every 2 hours, I'm simply not hungry and HOPE it won't be a problem. DH does make the best spaghetti sauce (he does add sugar)...nope, salad, salad, salad!!

And the Balanced Eater...yeah, not me...yet.

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