Sunday, March 13, 2011

a couple more days of Jenny food ...

day 3:
Blueberry Pancakes and turkey sausage, don't even need syrup for the pancakes, having read the website, I did not microwave, used the oven and it was good!

Beef Chow Mein - very good

Mac and Cheese - was a li'l worried, cuz frozen Mac and cheese can be so hit and miss, but this was good.

day 4: Blueberry Mini Loaf - just thaw, but I cut mine into slices and toasted them in the oven, and it was good. Yes, I was tempted to lightly butter, but I didn't

Turkey Club Panini - this is an open faced sandwich..I did microwave it and it was very good!

Fish & Chips - again, very good. It comes with a vinagar malt, but I just used ketchup.

So, so far, good food! I do struggle with having to eat every two hours. And I mean you HAVE to eat every two hours, as the portions are such that you are HUNGRY every two hours.

I've also been maintaining my exercise schedule, daily yoga and nightly cardio. I'm tempted to step on the scale and see if there is any progress, but have not, best to wait for the weekly weigh in...riiiiight???

Its a yucky, cloudy day outside. Hope I can do some crafting...but... the in-laws are here for a visit, so I gotta take my 'cues' from them and dh.

Have been checking out the gallery, I've found a new favorite artist, (I linked her blog, just click on favorite artist) I am enjoying her layouts and various techniques.

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