Monday, March 14, 2011

day 5, food review

day 5 - breakfast - Frosted Oats Cereal...ended up eating it 'dry' and sharing with Adriana as the hour change threw me off, and I ended up eating these at church.
tasted very good.

lunch - Turkey burger - not completely inedible, but not yummy either. I ended up 'dressing' it w/ a bit of 1000 Isle dressing and a couple of slices of avacado. probably a big no-no

dinner - Chicken Fettucine - eh...but I'm real picky about alfredo type sauces. LOVE the alfredo at Strings, those that come from frozen foods and jars ....neh.

day 6 will be a repeat of day 1, as I am 'on the road' and this seems the most portable, without a frozen meal for lunch.

I have 2 dr appts today, one at 9am with the surgeon and then 2pm with the dentist.
Can't decide if I'll come home between, maybe do a li'l shopping...other overweight people may understand that I have a bit of a problem with grease stains on my shirts...maybe go see a movie....I was interested in Red Riding Hood but the reviews are so bad, and its the same director as Twilight...and her work does not impress me.

I REALLY would rather come home and scrap...but both places are 45 minutes away from home, soooooo...this adds an additional hour and a half to drive...and with the cost of gas, its better to stay in the area...siiiiiigh... guess I'll HAVE to SHOP!

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