Thursday, August 16, 2007

day 2 and 2 peas

so, I figured I'd use the 2 peas daily blogger as inspiration to get me started on what to write here, and the Thursday question was "what do you do when you get rid of your stash"..huh?

I am a hoarder. I have been known to donate, like recently to a pea who asked for supplies to teach kids at her school..or the Relay for Life gift basket raffled by our local group.

so, I guess I'll start adding links to my little blog,
I'll start with 2 peas. Its a fascinating site, I've already "turned" my sister to it, But with a warning...things can get a li'l snarky over there.

Most of it is wonderful, the support, the help, the beautiful layouts in the gallery..but every now and then...

recently, there has been an invasion of trolls (thank goodness for those ignore options) and the use of the "F" word in a layout and someone who "stole" disney layouts and a layout featuring a child in underwear with a seductive title (turned out to be a "take" on a lingerie ad in France)
and BOY, these things got people worked up.

my take? well, when you have a community of so many people from such diverse backgrounds, you gotta expect different opinions. its when it becomes name calling or computer yelling (use of all caps) that people are simply going too far.

I think its okay to state your opinion, but nothing good comes from insulting those who don't agree with ya.

I used to be so much more black and white and all, but I guess age just mellows ya, (I'm in my mid40's) and you just realize there are some times when its just better to allow people to be who they are... calling them names....ain't gonna change them or the situation.

ya know?

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