Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday, Aug 17th...and another site link

So 2 peas thread question today is when are you most creative, in the am or pm? I know I am most productive during the am...toward evening I tend to veg...but more creative...hmmmmm...maybe pm, cuz I tend to do the bones of a layout during the day, think of embellishments and changes during the night, then make my changes the next morn.

That it the rhythm I am discovering in my scrappin...

so, the site I am adding today is I am a Scrapaholic.
This is the monthly kit I get...and I LOVE it...always a great variety in style, embellishments...the DT's styles are varied and simply "rock".

so, above is a layout I did, inspired by this site, it is based "loosely" on one of Janelle's sketches

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