Sunday, August 26, 2007

don't take it seriously and a place to get matching cardstock

from 2 peas..Let's share a helpful tip for fellow scrappers that you find helpful to yourself.

Don't take it all too seriously, this is for you and your family...

Not every page is gonna be a work of art...some are gonna be "eh"

and its only paper, so if you can't stand it...change it!!

Like me, I know I'm not one who is ever gonna be 'published'...but I enjoy the process.

the layout above is pretty typical of my style. I like pretty paper, that highlights my picture, and I use minimum embellishments...very basic, very me.

Oh, here is a site I use to buy the matching Bazzill cardstock colors for my printed papers. I've also shopped from Remember the Moments, and highly recommend it.

I used it for the Basic Grey "Phoebe" paper above.

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