Sunday, August 19, 2007

thoughts about motherhood

from 2 peas: Share one thing you thought you would never do , but did & are glad you did?

ummm..guess having kids., cuz I was one self-centered young woman who could never see herself in that type of role. I also worked at Joske's, a dept store kinda like Macy's, after high school and hated those nasty, dirty little kids running thru the clothes racks...YUCK!!

the biggest surprise was how I loved/love being mom to my kids...even now when they are grown. and I cannot wait till I get to be GRANDMA!! hint,hint

oh, site of this day...Welcome to Scraptalk...and the Pink Ladies.

I love this site, they sure do inspire me and yes 'enable' me...but so far I am resisting Basic Gray's Infuse.... soooooo far...... I got "Blush", I do not need Infuse...I do not...I do not...

above is a layout inspired by the girls at Scraptalk, it was actually an attempt at a scraplift...I only wish my style was this free and playful...but the reality, is, it ain't.

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