Friday, August 24, 2007

what my kids think of me...

from 2 peas: What do you think is one thing your children will say about you when they are grown adults?

well, my kids are I know what they least to me...

I have been called a 'nag'...yes, can you believe it? I tell them I just 'consistently remind'.

My son says I am someone he can talk to, cuz he knows I won't judge him. And daughter says I am one of her best friends, cuz she can talk to me about anything. And that is one thing I have tried to do with them, is listen, not judge, and love them. (but sometimes I do have holes in my tongue from biting it)

I've maintained honesty with them.., I don't try to present myself as someone who is perfect...they know my mistakes and consequences.
I see parents who don't, who try to create this perfect, no fault personna, and I think that just builds a wall in a relationship.

No, I'm not gonna spill every little thing to my kids..well, its more open now that they are adults. I'll never forget, when they were younger, they asked "how many times have you and Dad had s*x"...I looked at them and said "well, at least twice"...good enough answer.. (maybe one of the reasons they maintained their virginity thruout high school, who knows?)

oh, and daughter thinks this whole scrapbooking thing is "nuts"...I'm still hoping that someday, she'll catch the fever... HA!!!!

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