Tuesday, August 21, 2007


from 2 peas....How often do you take time out for you to get pampered?

only very occasionally...like once or twice a year...if you mean something like pedicures/massages or something..

but at least once a week, I kick back and read in bed..does that count?

having time like this on the weekends is probably the only 'nice' part about having grown kids...cuz, I just plain miss being 'mom'.

I miss those schedules and taking them to their events...just miss it.
unpacked C's bag of dance shoes, made me think of all those years of recitals and stuff...

Cierra started a blog about her journey in Europe, YEAH!!
I'm getting so desperate for pics from her, I've considered pasting her face in other people's pics, so I'll have something to scrapbook...
(she's been gone a week!!)

yesterday, I had lunch with Terry and Tina (our dd's are the same age, so we've known each other for about 16 years now)...it was nice "hanging" with them again...but they are both grandmas (they also have older kids)...pulling out the pictures and all...and I don't have any...guess I can take pics of Jason and Nyki's cat....boohoo. I know, be patient, cuz someday, I'll get to spoil my own grandchildren.

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