Wednesday, August 22, 2007

posterity and random messages

from 2 peas: Share how scrapbooking/card making has effected your life in a good way?

I Enjoy it!! I think the family likes seeing the scrapbooks, too. and I enjoy hoarding.
Man that isn't very 'poetic' is it... it is the joy of documenting our family for posterity that makes me scrapbook...actually, that could be a li'l close, cuz I rec'd a box of pics from my dad's side of the fam...none of it was marked..I could only recognize my dad and his brothers. It is kinda sad actually, so if I do 'scrapbook' these pics these unknown people just become 'background'.
got pics from C, ooh let me post a pic!! (C is the girl standing) this was marked as Hyde Park.
the young man is Rob and the other gal is Sara. They are on their way to /or at Dublin for this weekend.
also got a 'random' message from one of my sisters...ooooh, the stories I can tell about my side of the! we are a major soap opera...and thats all there is to it. Wilson women = Dysfunction...yupp-ers. But I do claim the title of the most normal person in our family.
I am no longer 'favorite daughter' but I am 'most normal' there.
okay back to moving pics from facebook to photobucket for Cierra, guess the computers she has out there has been too I get to do it!! YEAH!!

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