Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricanes...and a soapbox

from 2 peas..."How are you being affected by Hurricane Dean?"

being in CA, guess I'm not directly affected by Hurricane Dean. However I do have family in the Houston there are concerns for them. I guess as an American, the hurricane season affects me cuz of the "political" fallout that will happen if it hits and American cities are devastated. I'm so sick of this partisanship and finger pointing...where even a collapsed bridge and hurricanes are the fault of a political party or president.

maybe that is why so many are getting so "disinfranchised" by the politics of this country, so much finger pointing, no actual solutions. One party believes that government programs and handouts are the solutions, the other believes...what? That people when given opportunities will create their own solutions? I think both are wrong. there has to be opportunities and accountability....I mean look at how some of the survivors of Katrina, when given money cards used them to buy Luis Vitton purses...HELLO!!, is that food or essentials? Is it just our human nature to try to take advantage of any situation? And don't get my mom started about how they have affected the crime rate in Houston since they have relocated...its a very sore point with her.

as we were watching the "goofed up" helicopter rescue in Oklahoma on tv, my son pointed out that in Okinawa, typhoons, and there were a few, were treated as a fact of life. They happened, you prepared, you went thru continued. Whereas here in America, we get soooo...worked up....why don't we just accept they happen, this is nature in action, and prepare...instead of all this hype? DH thinks that somehow this is "entertainment" in the information age, with 24 hour news networks, this is what they do to get their ratings....

sorry about the soapbox...
I'm really a very mellow person...who does not pontificate...I leave that to the pundits...HA!!

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