Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sat cleaning and target practice...ha!!

from 2 peas; What are your scrapping plans today?

well, I ain't been home 2 weekends in a the first part of the day will be spent cleaning...laundry, bathrooms...stuff that after a while just gets a li'l disgusting.

and then I hope to plant myself in my room and scrap...and maybe join some friends at the lss for an evening crop. got pics from can start some England pages. OH! and the funniest thing happened yesterday, we stepped outside and J's truck windshield was covered w/birdie poo...there are 4 cars in that driveway, and his was the ONLY one of course, I took pics and want to make a page called "Target Practice"...

Today, my sisters are 45!! Yes, they are twins. No, they are not close. So, I'm making them bday cards using Love Elsie, Lola papers and little Mary Englebrite inserts I got at the Michael's dollar bins. Wow, sisters are 45..does that make ME old?

guess the floors are dry now, back to it!

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Sherri said...

yeah laundry and bathrooms and floors are on my list today too...need to get off this thing and get started LOL Hope you get some scrap time in.