Friday, August 31, 2007

childhood memory...

from 2 peas: share a childhood memory

wow, as I combed my mind..I thought of this, when I was about 4 years old I almost drowned. Apparently we were living in an apt complex with a pool, while our home was being built. What I remember is that I had a viewmaster and it fell in the pool and I went to get it. I remember bouncing up and down in the water, trying to say "help" but it coming out as "help, glub,glub"...then I blacked out.

My mom says she stepped outside and saw my long dark hair in the water, she jumped in and got me out. Then my next memory was sitting on the side of the pool, coughing. (it was not an empty pool, there were other swimmers)

I was scared of water for a while after that, but not the kind of fear that when I got near it, I panicked. I just simply did not put my face under, would doggy paddle. When I was older and taking swimming lessons, the teacher kept squirting me in the face...I went to my mom and told her the teacher was "mean"...she said he just wanted me to put my face in the, the next time he squirt me, I did it, I put my face under.
But to this day, I don't consider sports like snorkling "fun"...

odd thing, I'm not afraid of death...there was no pain and coming that close was not fearful at was actually kind of peacefull..hmmmmm

as a child, I was also afraid of dogs. Now, this was the panic and run everytime they got near me fear. My dad says a big dog knocked me over when I was a toddler, but got over this one too.

and I was afraid of and still hate needles!! but had to overcome this one also, but I'll never get a tatoo...that's for sure!!

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Sherri said...

Wow...glad you're okay and everything turned out. Why are peope so afraid to get involved? But your story is one of the reasons I won't get a inground pool in my backyard.