Friday, July 15, 2011

aps, aps...everywhere are aps

to be sung with the tune from 'signs, signs, everywhere are signs' you remember that old song? is it from the 70's??

Anyways, with a new smart phone comes aps. Now I still can't figure out how to get my own ringtones. And Ds showed me how to do the security code. And take a pic to be my wallpaper (the winner is...Kema)(who can resist a pic of a golden retriever in the morning sun) this is not the pic, but a pic.

So, I do have the constellation ap, KLOVE, and yes, Amazon Kindle. Oh, that one is gonna be dangerous. Most of my coworkers have a Kindle, and we decided to start a work Reading Challenge/, for the common book, it was decided to use free Kindle, you see, I NEEDED that ap!!

But having had it at work for 4 days, I do understand the temptation of going on Facebook or your email at work. So far, I've been good. BUT I understand the temptation.

So, today is my day off...I have my Jenny Craig appt. AND I am babysitting, though the kids are older so its not really babysitting, they are coming over to hang out while their dad is at work. Also, I don't get paid. BUT that's okay. Its a sad family situation, I'll just say, newly single dad with restraining order against mom. So, I don't mind helping them out. PLUS the girl likes to scrapbook!! So, hopefully, I'll get some projects done today.

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