Sunday, July 10, 2011

smart phones, not for dummies

My old phone was, oh, like 4 years today we went to get an upgrade. An HTS Inspire. yeah, a smart phone...yeah, probably not a good idea for a techno-idiot like me. So, spent a frustrating afternoon trying to figure the thing out.

BUT yesterday, did get to scrapbook a li'l. Week 2 of the Color class at BPS. The lesson was on Orange and Yellow. Gotta say they are my least used colors. My cardstock stash...I have one shelf for orange and yellow combined. Neutrals and Greens each have 2 shelves. Even Purple has its own shelf and is filled!

Here is the class lo done in orange, using the technique highlighted pleating the curled pp on the end. I love this pic of J and Rocks, the light seems to 'burst' around them...used SEI for the pp's.


Feeling properly inspired by the lesson and because I did not have any lo's with Bailey...I found some Stampin Up pp's and made this.

and because I had pp left over from the orange lo's 'pleating', I made this ATC. I'm going thru something of a bee phase these days...for some reason, they are just sooooo cute!

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