Thursday, July 21, 2011

cleaning, cleaning, oh how I love to clean...


since I've got some time off, I've been cleaning..well, in the mornings before it gets too hot. Yesterday, the concentration was bathrooms, today, my tile floors in the kitchen, dining room and hall. My tile there is travertine, so it is very pitted...and well, the stains I don't get out...I call 'patina'. ha!!

The travertine story, I really wanted it and found these online. But it was costly. So, when dh and I went to Home Depot to order tile...we ordered something else for this area. The next morning, I told dh, "I really want that travertine, and I know if we don't get it, I'll look at this floor everyday and hate it". So, we scrimped elsewhere and got the travertine. I LOVE it...and so does dh. Every bit of it got used.

So, I'll post some pics of my house. I took these over the weekend, without staging or cleaning, soo...yeah, please don't be nitpicky..ha!

This is my vignette in the unused entry. Everyone uses the back door...and dh has his back inverter set up there. BUT I love this color, it is called BM Metallic Gold. All my browns in the common areas are from this strip. This is the darkest. The print is from a trip to Washington, dh & I took. The table is my mom's old sewing cabinet.

This view of the great room is what you'd see if you actually used the entry. I love our fireplace (the stone is fake). I was going for a Napa Valley Wine Country look, inspired by the Thomas Kinkaide print over the fireplace and the movie "The Parent Trap" with Lindsy Lohan.

So, oversized stone fireplace, leather (cheerfully distressed by cats) and metals. The walls are a Behr color called Sagey. and since the ceilings are so high, I went with the middle color on that BM strip, Burlap.

Turn to the right, and you see the hallway leading to the bedrooms. More burlap on the walls and from the same strip Latte on the ceiling. I did want my browns/tans to have a hint of pink as opposed to yellow or green. On each side of the entry arch, are shelves my fil installed. With my Gone With The Wind collection of dolls and plates. and Red glass...oh, I love colored glass.

On the other side of the great room is an entry to the dining knook, you can really see the travertine floors. Oh Well, I did not take a pic of it. the nook and the kitchen have SW Great Green walls, the Latte ceilings...I went with a retro kitsch look in here. A print of Elvis, white curtains with red embroidery on top.

But here is a view of the kitchen/nook from the hallway.

and here is the kitchen from that hallway, a continuation of the Great Green color (one of dh's friends called it Kermit the Frog green), and cherry KraftMaid cabinets. I went with black appliances because of an ad on the KraftMaid website.

last but not least on today's tour of the common area is the dining room. I went with a shabby chic theme. The walls are Lowe's Timeless Taupe and the ceiling is KM Petal Pink. oooooh, I love that ceiling! It has a recessed lightrope...

You would not believe the headache of getting that lighting done. Dh and the contractor kept asking "what is it you want done?" so much that I took a pic of it from a magazine and tacked it to a stud in the room. Then, when it came time to actually build it, I was told, "we have to lower the arch"...which meant all arches had to be lowered. (upcharge) I told them LOWER IT! I'm glad, its a great little feature.

here's the room with better light and different angle. Oh, love that pub style table, the square shape works so well with the room shape. And that light above the table came from Ebay as well as the window treatment.

All our windows are like 6' Home Depot's fake wood blinds cut to fit were perfect and inexpensive.

Okay, that's the common areas. Even though I used several colors, I stayed pretty consistent. The browns from the same strip, the other colors are primarily green with touches of red (pink is a shade of red) the wood floor is the same throughout the great room and halls and the travertine floors.

As we get to the rest of the house, remember my rule was 'If it has a door...' well, lets just say, even the floors were targeted to be changed. ha!!!

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