Saturday, September 1, 2007

long weekend, C's odd adventure..and Bad Girls,too

from 2 peas: Plans for the long weekend?

Yes, computer, tv, read, scrap...okay a li'l housecleaning and treadmill...but mostly staying in my air conditioned home..enjoying not HAVING to do anything.

Heaven to me!!

C had a bit of an adventure in France on Sat. An odd situation, with a man, who was talking to her and following her..she said right on her heels and talking (not in anger) over her, made her uncomfortable, he tried to go thru the turnstyle with her..and when he could not get on the same train, pounded on the window and flipped her off (at least that was international, huh). We still don't know what was up, but I have the solution for her time in Germany. I just sent her 2 phrases..."Ich verstache Sie nicht"..I don't understand and "Ich bin verheiratet"...I am married. ha!! (I crack myself up)

new site, Bad Girls Kits, after being on the waiting list, I finally got to join. I love their style!!
fun and eagerly awaiting my first kit. let's see if their influence can help jazz up my style.


Leah said...

I'm hoping I can join the Bad Girl kit club too. Did you sign up for the 6 week class/competition she's having? Have a gr8 weekend!

Sherri said...

Sounds like you've got a great weekend planned. Glad your daughter is okay...bit scary.