Sunday, March 23, 2008

a couple more days till I leave for Houston, can't wait!
but so much to be done and that needs to be done, so a little panicked.

Ran out of adhesive today, while making wedding invitations...was hoping to get them sent to dd tomorrow...hmmmm...down to my last 10...sooooo, maybe I can still get it done. This has been a tough task, cuz my home printer is NOT WORKING!!

Work is beyond crazy...simply not going to be able to get what I need done, done.
oh well. will do as much as possible in the next two days.

Can you believe I'm watching Princess that a li'l nuts, but need to relax a little. then move to other tasks.

My mom is coming home with me on Monday, the 1st. So I've been cleaning the room and moving furniture, trying to get ready for her. She says she is coming to stay, but she is already complaining to my sister about we'll just have to see.

Enough putting it off, time to get some addresses together for dd.
we are thinking of using a series of childhood pics to decorate at the reception, so need to get them together.

Oh, I'm trying to think of a good line of papers for dd's wedding album...can ya'll think of something that has pale blue and white or cream?

Have a Happy Easter!

Oh, I linked a website to my blog, this is the young man who will be photgraphing dd's wedding. He is just starting out and is a friend of C's from college.

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Liz said...

Hey Karen ~ Your husband's cousin here! I don't know how else to get hold of you (LOL)!

So, we're both doing the long-distance wedding planning thing. What a lot of work! I hope it all runs smoothly for you. I'm sure Cierra will be a beautiful bride! Lori's colors are also blue and white, but a royal blue for her.

The book you inquired about is called Socrates Cafe by Christopher Phillips. It was so interesting and provoked a lot of discussion with our teens.

Hang in there and keep in touch! Hi to Michael,