Monday, March 10, 2008

Here's a pic I took a couple of days ago, it is so pretty here, the trees are blooming and the sky is blue...the weather is cool and crisp in the morning, its a beautiful time of the year.

I am hosting a crop this weekend at our church. So fun, we are going to have a potato bar and gals are signing up to bring the fixings. I'll probably be working on wedding invitations.

DD has done a lot of researching and phone calling today.
She discovered that one of the beaches they are interested in does not require a permit on Sundays...but you cannot reserve it also.

She is hoping to have location tied down in a couple of days. Then we will rent our condo and get set that way.

I feel better, Kristen told me today they planned her wedding in 6 weeks, so this does seem less 'impossible'. Nah, I think it will be a major miracle!

and over the weekend, I found out that Chris (my future sil) did get his 'orders'...they will be sent to Pensacola in August, for 9 months.
A whole country away!! I told them, I guess this means Florida for Christmas!
but it is going to be sooooooo hard to be sooooooo far.


Darcey said...

Have fun at your crop!

toners said...

Enjoy your crop! And the photo is so pretty!!

jp said...

What a beautiful picture! Can't wait for spring around here! And I love your banner photo, too!

I'm tagging you on my blog later today! :-)

Lynn said...

Love the photo of that blooming tree. Is that a Cherry Blossom? Just beautiful.
I'm sure everything will go smoothly with your dd's wedding. I planned mine in 1 month. I only had 60 guests, but it was perfect.

Sarah C. said...

Karen, THANK YOU!! :) I received your RAK today. Sooo sweet! Love it all. And such great timing as I've had a horrible day fighting a migraine. Your sweet gift really uplifted me. :) So thank you!!!

That photo is gorgeous! Sounds like you all are having a wonderful time planning the wedding! :)