Saturday, March 1, 2008

from 2 peas:
Do you prefer to attend online crops or in real life crops?

Definately real life, I am part of a local scrap group and we try to get together at least once a month. I get a lot done, and get to visit with the girls. I'm hosting the next crop, we usually meet in homes, but since I don't have the space, I made arrangement with my church.
I am having fun, going on ebay and buying mixed packs to make door prizes; we have a layout challenge, inspired by something I saw on 2 peas, about our hometown; thinking of buying a fondue pot...but with my new resolutions, probably not a good idea.

DD is in Okalahoma this weekend, she is meeting her sweetie's family and friends. When she arrived yesterday afternoon, I told her my credit card is ready if she needs to escape the Okies...tee hee(couldn't help it, I am from Texas after all). When I spoke to her last night, I actually texted them to remind them to take pics, she said she LOVES his family. One of his grandpa's is just like hers, with that 'wry, I dare you' type of humor...and her mom, DD tells me she pointed to an empty wall in her home, complete with nails already in and told the kids "That wall is reserved for wedding and babies" I like her already, obviously we think alike!! except I don't have a wall, just albums and scrap paper and baby clothes already collected.

DS had a great accomplishment this week. At the academy he did a run, sorry don't remember the distance, under a minute, so his name is going on a plaque at the academy. YAY!!
One of the things he and dil has done, once he started the academy, is make the rule
No More Junk Food.
(This is the kid who could eat a whole pan of cinnamon rolls throughout the day.)
And its paying off, they are both healthier and dil is looking good in her blue jeans.

insert siiiiiiiigh....
well, hoping its my turn...

ya'll have a great weekend,
my inlaws will be here around noon, so wish me luck!! (jk)

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