Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ohhh, so sore today!!

from 2 peas: my childhood yard...I grew up in Texas during the mid 60's thru late
70's, one thing I do remember is we did not have fences...all the back yards were open to each other. Then the first pool went in (the backyard across from us) and the first 6' wooden fence, but even now, the majority of the yards just have short metal fences. Whereas in the CA subdivision I've lived in , all have those 6' wooden fences. We played a LOT in our backyards, we played deserted island (the patio was the island, the yard the sea) and cruise ship and just a lot of imaginative play.

Yesterday morning was my first work out with Kristen, the personal trainer...oh my goodness.

Her idea of strength training is squats, lunges and push ups...did I forget to mention that I wanted the workout without squats, lunges and push ups?

When I told her that I don't like to sweat, she just kinda chuckled and said "Well, you'll get used to it"...UGHHH

I was sore yesterday, I am now officially stiff and sore, today.

Last night was spent working on dd's 'real invitation'...
its a beach wedding, her colors are light blue and white. I wasn't crazy about this last night...but I like it better this morning. There is a 'cleanness, freshness' about it.

What do you think? What can I add? What can I change?
She went to HL and bought cardstock in her correct shade of blue, these are just to play...
let me know what you think



Lida said...

So sorry you feel sored, but it will get better (eventually)love the invitation and the quote is simply perfect, I think is adorable!

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful invitation! I love the photo & sentiment. So sweet. :)

Hope the soreness is going away, but enjoy it too since it's shows you made progress! Drink lots of water. And, my other favorite tip, treat yourself to a monthly massage as a reward. Take a look at this article: The Secret Benefits of Massage.