Friday, March 14, 2008

my sick little guy...

The kitty pictured in my banner has been sick, he is my son's childhood cat.
He's about 12 years old and for the last week, he wouldn't eat!
He'd act hungry but refuse his food...but BEG for ours...and just eat little bits of that whenever we gave in (my dd while she was visiting)

Dh kept saying, "He's on wind-down mode"...I told dh, I don't have to accept that!!
so, yesterday, I took Marshall (that's my kitty) to the vet.

He has lost 2.5 lbs in 15 months, he was dehydrated and,
we got full blood work on him (still haven't gotten those results), he got one of those fluid pacs (the one under his skin) and an enema....yes, an enema.

But the prognosis is good! the Vet said at this age, go ahead and give him the food he wants (even people food) like boiled shredded chicken, boiled ground beef (no fat) and tuna...if that is what he wants to eat.

So I went to the "nice" grocery store (Nob Hill) and bought him Iams digestive and a pack of Fancy Feast...hoping he'd like those instead of me having to boil chicken for him. $24.00 in cat food!!! aye, yi, yi!!

Brought him home, and when I went to check on him in the evening, it was like a kitty explosion, (luckily I had him in a room with easy to clean floors)...every kitty biological fluid you can imagine was scattered throughout the room.
I told Marshall, " I just might strangle you myself" It was disgusting!!!

But, by this morning, no more messes and he had eaten the Iams...
so, I'm hopeful....

He is a 'stinker', but he is a good cat.


Theresa said...

Hope that your explosion took care of the problem, hate it when the furbabies are ill.

jp said...

Awww...poor guy! Hope he's soon on the road to recovery. I've had kitties develop sudden dislikes to food they've eaten for years, so I think you're doing the right thing trying to coax him to eat other things. Hope he is soon back to his old self!

Sarah C. said...

Poor baby! Hopefully the "pipes" are now fixed and he'll get back to his normal self.