Saturday, March 29, 2008

a couple of Lss's...

Yesterday was fun, my sister's dd's dr appt went longer than expected so we did not go to the By Design Scrapbooking Boutique in Clear Lake, too far south the other way.

But we went to Scrapbook Village in Missouri City then A Scrap Affair in Sugarland.
Both very good, Village had more stuff, and though they had a lot of Bazzill, they did not have the colors I wanted. oh well, also did not have Sugar Coated chipboard letters (I've been looking for). But very cool sample books all over the store.

Affair, looks like a very new store, so her stock was not as much. But again some really cute samples and classes coming up. Both had Little Yellow Bicycle and some Love Elsie. I spent money at both!!

SEI's new lines for kids is CUTE!

Dinner was Cracker Barrel..such a dangerous place.,Orange Cream Soda, Chicken and Dumplings and chocolate pudding pie...yummmmmers!!

then Archivers..goodness gracious..I spent the most there. Their $1.99 bin and clearance sections!!!..and my sister can 'dig'..tell her what you want more of and she will find it and I found the Sugar Coated!!

Today, is spa day! followed by a wedding reception. the real reason I'm visiting.
though visiting scrap stores is the best!! I do miss having an LSS near me at home,
but online shopping works just as well.

Ya'll have a good weekend! I'll try, I mean, a rock massage, manicure, pedicure, and a luncheon at The Houstonian will make it tough!


jill said...

What a fun day!

A stone massage is one of the best things ever and you can't go wrong with a manicure :)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Cracker Barrel My favorite