Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big City freeways..

So, this morning dd and I decide to try out the mall here.. North East Mall, so I google directions, which include:

Take exit 22 toward State Hwy 121/Fort Worth/N Richland Hills (okay)

Merge onto NE Loop 820 (not bad)

Sharp left at Airport Fwy/NE Loop 820/E Loop 820 N East/E Loop 820 N Service Rd E(what the HECK!)

Turn right at Cranford Ct (this I can understand)

all I can say, is this is going to be many freeways in that one line? 4?

oooh, the simple days of taking one exit off Interstate 5...but I will go home to my sanity on the 18th.

edited next morning: Well, took the wrong merge onto NE 820 or something, so did not make it to the sharp left. There was a split to choose either right or left..we chose left...BUT the good thing is we had to U turn on the 820, which made the mall to the right of the freeway, and easier to get to. Now, trying to come home, I chose the wrong freeway (the 820 was in front, so I got on the freeway in front...but NOOOOO that was the ANOTHER U-turn (luckily they have U turn lanes under the overpasses). I won't go into detail, but lets just say, I had a total of 3 U-turns this trip!!

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