Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm HOOOOME, whatta trip...

how do I start?
Yesterday, I got up @5 am. (Texas Time) ready to go, kids woke up and said goodbye and I headed for the DFW airport a little after 6am, in the fog. Now, my flight wasn't till 9:25, but I was giving myself plenty of time, to return the rental car, take a shuttle, check in (gotta give yourself a couple of hours during the holidays, right?).

So, do very well, till I get to the mega major airport and try to find the rental return if I had followed signs instead of my google directions, I would have been fine. As it was, it took me 2 U-turns, and as my sis Bre would say, "I needed a valium". Return the car, had to pay an extra $75 cuz I did not return it to the same place I rented it...but, okay, I knew that. Asked the young lady how to get to terminal, she instructed me to read the board, find out which terminal my flight is at, then take correct bus. Easy enough...go to the board...NO FLIGHTS to Sacramento, look at it closer...NO FLIGHTS by Southwest. WTH!! So, NOW I look at my ticket...wrong airport!!!

Run back to the Enterprise counter, to ask for a phone book. She told me go to any terminal and there will be take the next bus to leave and he takes me to the taxi bay. Get my taxi, $45, from airport to airport...but okay, I have my credit is during the ride, I noticed that the meter is not on. Now, this is a pleasant fellow, enjoyed talking and laughing with him. But when it is time to pay and I pull out my credit please. Luckily, I barely have enough. And run into the terminal.

All goes smoothly, I am there with plenty of time. Grab some snacks..cuz its Southwest and all they feed you are peanuts (which with the holes in my teeth, I cannot eat). and wait, and wait...Fog Delay.

But it is great, not a filled flight, so we own it! The first stop Tulsa.

All goes well, but it is a filled flight to Vegas...and in Vegas there is a delay, because the airport was closed in the morning...but not overwhelming, do-able.

Then a filled flight to Sacramento...are you getting the pattern...I am on a Southwest flight with 3 stops...a flight that does not FEED you! Luckily, I have my snacks...but when I do finally disembark, I have a major hunger headache.

We arrive at 3:30 CA time...the flight was supposed to land at 2pm...
LUCKILY, I don't run into traffic traveling thru Sacramento, Stockton and Tracy to get home. And I am home for me this is already a 14 hour day (add 2 for the time difference between Tx and CA)

I'm exhausted, but there is so much to do, eat, unpack, and there are 15 packages for me...I did some online shopping. I do go to bed at 8pm...without watching CSI.
and it is so nice to sleep with my Percy next to me.

Dh is in Reno, (see previous post) good thing I did not go. But, it is hard to stay asleep, cuz there is so much to be done around here. Errands.
I finally get up @1 am and bring a notebook to my bed to make a list. It works, I am able to fall back asleep. Yay!

so, here I am, posting to my blog...but let me leave ya'll with a couple of pictures:

Colby on meds while

and a Texas Snowman~!

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