Wednesday, December 17, 2008

we're home from Houston...

Dd and I made it, big sigh, we are getting so sick of the car. But I'm glad we went. Spent time with my sister Bre and her daughters, then I had lunch with my sister Linda. (yes, it all had to be seperate, big family bru-ha-ha) It wasn't till last night that I realized I had not taken any pics!! (what kind of scrapbooker am I?) so, I got up at I could take a pic of the girls as they head out to school. Needless to say, this was not met with enthusiasm. Bre and dd refused to let me take pics, as they both did not have makeup. Oh Well!! I took pics of Bre's christmas tree and dog, they did not give me attitude!!

We went to Archivers last night, I don't have one in CA, so an Archivers and a Hobby Lobby stop are essential to me. But, why do I do it, every time I go, I spend over $100. Aye yi yi.

Tonight, we should be going to the Cracker Barrel for dinner, those chicken and dumplings are the BEST...(I don't have any of these in CA, either)

And tomorrow, home!! well, kind of. Got a call from dh last night, he wants to meet me at the airport, pick me up and take me to Reno for the evening, then on Friday go back to airport and I can pick up my car and go home. He's going to Reno for a Christmas dinner with some of the Reno's branch managers and such. They go to Stirlings at the Silver Legacy. Hmmmm, I've only brought comfy clothes and shoes for the Texas trip...and I am sooooo sick of cars...and I miss my kittycat...BUT, its important to him, so I'm going. He said we'll stop somewhere and buy me appropriate clothes and shoes. Plus the scrapbooker in me thinks this will be an interesting entry in my Shimelle Journal.

A journal I have not been working on as I cannot access my email...I can't find the right webpage, now I have done this in the past, I don't know what is different this time. Oh well.

Its going to be hard to leave dd and dsil, I love them both and will miss them so much. It is going to be hard not to have a Christmas with them. But I keep reminding myself, that this is the goal in raising our children, that they go out and make their own lives, be equipped to become productive members of society, to discover themselves, their own love and happiness
...whatever...blah, blah, blah...

I just want the grandbabies.

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