Monday, December 29, 2008

A Top 10 list

Janet over at Cards and Cardstocks posted her Scrapbooking Top 10, so I thought I'd continue the thought:

My must haves for scrapbooking:

1) Elmers Craft Bond Photo Stick ..I love this glue stick, its temporary until it dries, then it sticks. I can buy it in bulk from M's.

2) Cutter Bee scissors, always at hand

3) printed paper, I start with the printed paper then pick cardstock and embellishments

4) Printmaster Gold, my handwriting is very messy (sometimes I can't read it) so all journaling is done on the computer.

5) HP Photosmart A627, print all but a huge bulk of photos at home (like the wedding), can print up to a 5x7

6) Stampin Up's Creamy Caramel ink...most used ink ..the pad is starting to fray

7) BLING, I just love bling, esp Prima's swirls in the topaz color.

8) background stamps, the Stampin Up small ones, usually done in the same color as the cardstock to add a li'l dimension

9) Bazzill Bling...just love that touch of sheen

10) Prima's Essential flowers, I think I've collected every tube.

Wanted for 2009:
Distressed Stickles
Prima's 'The Robin's Nest' Dew Drops
Bazzill Tulle

and all kinds of BABY Girl supplies, for my first grandbaby!! (you know I've already been collecting!)


Lida said...

Cool list I have to make mine also!

Linnao said...

I'll have to make on of these lists too, I love lists! Oh, and I love your blogbanner!!

Janet said...

Great list! Love my Cutterbees, too! Thanks for sharing! :-) Janet