Monday, December 15, 2008

last night...

We arrived in Houston @6pm, went out to eat at Escalantes (the white cheese queso is wonderful) ...then went to see the movie Twilight. We owned the place, which was great. It was me, my dd, my sis and neice...we liked it. I have read the series, my neice is almost done with the first book and dd and sis have not read any of it. So as the book reader, I would say that it was not as good as the book...but how could any movie be.

All 4 of us thought Edward was cute...but also thought James, the bad vampire was too. And that Jasper looked like he had his finger in an electrical socket.

But I thought the baseball scene was well done.

Oh, and the biology scene made dd laugh. It was done stupidly, with the 'breck girl'moment and where Edward looks like he is going to puke. (remember she has not read the books, so couldn't put it in 'context')

And as soon as she saw the Indian teens at the beach, she whispered "They are werewolves, aren't they?"

Dd studied acting in college,a theater minor, so I asked what she thought of Bella.
(if she could break the performance down technically for us) for we all thought the girl playing Bella was...awful. But luckily not enough to ruin the movie, at least not for us.

Both dd and neice are definately on Team Edward...I'll have to see the next movie, where they really round out Jacob's character to decide.

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Lily said...

thanks for the review. I thought I was the only one in the world not to love the movie