Wednesday, December 3, 2008

time for my trip...

Here is Colby, I'll be traveling with him next week. in a car. oh what fun.

soooo cool, guess what button I found...I can now be a follower or a subscriber to other people's blogs...

not everyone has that button.. but I sure am enjoying it.

The subscribe button is cool also, whenever I sign on to my Yahoo I can see who has updated.

Well, I got all my stuff done. Preparing for a trip sure is hectic.
Ready to go! Soooo, I'll try to keep up but I may be without computer access for a while. Take Care all!!


Sarah C. said...

Colby is a handsome guy! I hope you two have a safe drive. :)

Loving the followers buttons & also Google Reader. I've had most of my fav blogs subscribed through there for a while and it really makes it easier to catch up.

Raquel said...

Be safe!

Casii said...

Have a good trip with your cuddly companion!