Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cats and Christmas...

Percy aka Purrman

I wrapped my gifts last night, with being out of town for a couple of weeks, it got put off...but I did it last night.

But, I was awakend around 2 am by the sound of rustling paper...wha?....I get up and its my Percy pulling out the tissue from one of the gift bags. Okay, now Percy is 7 years old and outgrown this type of thing...right?

oh, and yesterday when I went to work, I got an ecard from Wrigley. He's the cat I sponsored at Best Friends Rescue...He has feline leukemia, so he probably won't be adopted. But I thought it was 'cool' to get an e-card.....

last but not least, yesterday morning I got an email from dd, asking me to call her cell. She could hear the 'text' beep but could not find her phone. So, I did...teehee. she found it in one of the gift bags under HER tree. While I was down in Fort Worth..we had put the tree up and all was fine. Little Colby might sit under it, might reach up and 'chew' on a branch, but he WAS leaving it alone. I guess, in the past week, he has discovered how much FUN Christmas trees are...and during one of the times dd had to wrestle him out of it, the phone fell into a gift...HA!!! What a fun grand-kitty I have!! teehee You KNOW what I said, 'take a picture'!!

this + this


'tons of fun' for dd and dsil!!! (good thing he's cute!!)

Ya'll have a great Christmas Eve!!

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