Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Chaos...

2008 Journal
2007 Journal

I got my jammie day...did not wrap gifts as I did not have certain needed supplies, but scrapped and scrapped and scrapped!~

Mil's gift - done...except 2 pages I don't have pics for, so I created a mat to insert pic on.

Shimelle Journal - 2007 - caught up to Dec 20

Shimelle Journal - 2008 - catching up on...up to Dec 9 or 10

The pics above are of the floor of my scrap room. Yeah, you can't walk there.
but a lot of fun, and I highly recommend the Shimelle Journals to anyone interested.

Okay, off to print a pic for dil, then we are going to watch "The Women" with Meg Ryan and gang.


Anonymous said...

What fun to scrap all day. I'm glad you got a jammie day, everyone needs one of those days once in awhile.
The whole family had a jammie day and made cookies all day. We ate about half of what we made.

I stayed up late the other night watching The Women.


Lida said...

Wow how cool that you are caught up with your scrapbooking, have fun at the movies!