Sunday, December 14, 2008

the "O.C" girl in DFW...

Its been a little fun watching my dd, who has been living in Southern California make the transition to becoming a Texan..okay, THAT may never happen. But here are a couple of observations.

She used to work at South Coast Plaza, the very upscale mall in Costa Mesa. So, we went to a mall here in Fort Worth...hmmm, now this mall has a lot of great stores...but, the Victoria's Secret Cosmetics store, does not have the selection she is used to. She actually asked the cashier, and the cashier recommended a mall in Dallas as being more 'upscale', and may have the selection dd is looking for. BUT, no fears, we plan to visit Memorial Mall and possibly Galleria while in Houston.

Oh, the first night in Fort Worth, we were in a Waffle House in Euless (near our hotel)...and..when she saw a guy 'light up' a cigarette at the counter...uh oh. Now in CA, we have the laws where there is no smoking in public places...and that is what she is used to.

dd.."how rude!!"
me and dsil.."There are different laws here in Texas"
dd.."well, he wouldn't like it if I walked by him and tooted"
me and dsil.."He probably wouldn't react to that"
dd.."well, at least I'm not emitting toxins into the air!"
sidenote...kinda depends on what she ate for lunch, huh?

but we have since found out that Tx is changing their laws next year to be more like CA.

A Super Walmart, actually, she kinda likes these. While living in Orange County, we did not find any Walmarts near her, there was a Target. So, during the 4 years of college she went there.
After marrying the Marine, she had a Walmart right there in Oceanside, and had noted that her money went further at that Walmart than the Target. Now, the Super Walmart here in Fort Worth, was a first for both of us...and we like it. And the one Target we've driven by, on the 377, is a Super Target. So convenient and the pricing is helpful for these kids on a budget.
But, I have noted that I don't see many grocery stores around here, so far, maybe one Kroger and one Albertsons...

She is convinced the freeway system is more difficult than So. Cal and L.A...I think they are the same..okay, DFW has been worse.
I mean, they have the 35E and the 35W, 2 different freeways going North and South. Guess, 35E runs thru Fort Worth..while 35W runs thru Dallas...but why are both 35? Why not a different number? Sure confused us the first time we saw a 35E N sign...I mean what is it East or North?

AND the drivers here are equally aggressive and rude. You know, a turn signal means 'hurry up so the person cannot get in your lane', as opposed to allowing someone in. Which I still do.
(when I lived in Texas, 25 years ago, I remember drivers being more courteous) (but that could be the difference of the 25 years, huh)
I don't remember doing things like blocking parking lot entrances...but they sure do it here. You have to stick your nose in between cars to get out of a parking lot.

We've been telling dd she may need to gain a little weight. In the O.C..the goal is to be a size 0 or 2, 4 is getting heavy and what did they say in that movie (the Devil Wears Prada)? 6 is the new 16? (which I think is STUPID) Anyways, 6 to 8 and up looks like the norm out here (which I think is better and healthier) We have not seen very many pencil thin, skeletal looking gals out here. YAY!!

Overall, I think dd will adjust. The store clerks are friendlier, to get someone willing to help ya as opposed to growl at ya for disturbing them IS a different experience. AND we have noticed that.

Funny note, while at a kiosk in front of the Macy's, DD and I were looking at puzzles and games. I noticed a good looking young man, just kinda hanging out...trying to catch dd's eye. When she pulled out a Sooneropoly game (she is married to an Okie)..the young man told his friends, "she's an OU fan" and they walked away. teehee

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