Monday, December 1, 2008

getting ready...

There is just so much to be done!

As I prepare for this trip and try to think of what needs to be done so Christmas can go smoothly when I get back. So, on Saturday, dd and I worked on the tree..and I have been decorating (a little) around the house and for the past couple of days, setting up Christmas cards so I can mail them Weds. Then there are the layouts for the Circle Journals. I need to pick up a couple of things also.

Work is hectic, gotta squeeze what I usually take a couple of weeks to do into 3 days. Now it was helpful that I was able to do a lot of the stuff last month to 'prep' myself.

I ordered a bunch of stuff on Amazon today. Cyber Monday, right? Well, you know me, if there is any kind of shopping day... I'll participate. I gotta help with the economy.

Oh! you know how Victoria's Secret was giving those certificates on Black Friday. That could be worth from $10 to $500? Well, dd found out that hers is worth $100.
She made a $15 purchase and got $100. Kinda makes me wish I had bought something there.

I'm looking forward to this trip, a chance to go to Texas, see my sisters...and hang out with dd and dsil..but, oh, its going to be so hard. Part of me is excited for them...the other part is soooo sad. But we raise our kids, and equip them to leave the nest and make their own lives. That is the point. So, I am very proud.

Good thing I have a grandbaby on the way...someone to take my spoiling needs out on... dil is spreading the rumor (okay its true) that I have already bought Adrianna 15 outfits. teehee Since dd is leaving the state, I've even thought about buying some Tinkerbell decor to convert dd's room to Adrianna's room at grandmas. teehee.

off to bed...Heroes is intense...yikes!!


Lily said...

dang girl, take time to breathe. this season is supposed to be fun!

Casii said...

Wow, awesome score on the VS gift certificate! I wasn't so lucky and I spend a lot more. LOL

Sarah C. said...

Sounds like you are going to have a fun trip! LOL about redecorating your DD's room for your DGD. :) And wow! so cool about the VS gift card your DD won. We were busy driving back on Black Friday so no shopping here.