Friday, February 13, 2009

Christmas, redux...

Its been an interesting week. We had Christmas again. on Weds, Gordon gave us his Christmas gift to framed arial photo of our home. (the pic card is from him)

Then on Thursday, I rec'd a package. My Christmas gift from my sis...a NICE 12x12 embossed leather album by K&Co. (okay it may be vinyl, but it looks like leather)
with a li'l note that said "If you don't like it, send it back"..I wrote her back, "I love it, get your own". teehee.

Its been an interesting week at work. I've been pretty busy, doing some physical work. My first project for the week was finishing the CPA 'binder' for 2008. which meant finding backup from various sources..including archived boxes. So lots of lifting, searching, copying... Then some filing. One of the 'preggos' I talked about left for her maternity leave.

We do have someone in her position on M,W,F...but the filing in her area...was...a little chaotic. So, a couple of the recident OCD's (me and Francine) went in and cleared it out. I'm not 'bad talking' her, if anyone was to walk into my cube, they'd have to re-organize it also. Cuz, my thinking very unique. Makes sense to me, but may not make sense to others. But while this gal is on maternity leave, there are 4 of us who need access to those files, so it needed to be standardized for us. When she comes back and she is the only one who needs access, I'm sure things will go back on the different areas...cuz it made sense to her.

So, its been a physical week for me...I need a massage and a manicure...cuz sticking those files in cabinets wreaked havoc on my nails!!

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