Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We started a new pool at work...

This one is about my grandbaby, Adrianna. Lets see, mom (ddil) has blonde hair, blue eyes. Dad has dark hair, golden brown eyes. (here is a picture of them)

So, we are 'pooling' about Adrianna's hair and eyes. Will she be a blonde? will she be a brunette? will she have brown eyes? blue? green?

Some background. Mom does have a brother with dark hair and brown eyes. But most of her family are blonde with blue, they are predominately German.

Dad is `1/4 Japanese, from me. The other quarters are Scottish, Irish and German.

I have dark hair, dark brown eyes. My dh has brown hair, green eyes. and dd has dark hair and green/blue eyes. So, with that genetic pool...what will the grandbaby have?

We are all guessing a variety of combinations. Another pool, poor Nyki!! awww, she's a good sport.

any guesses? want to join our pool?

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