Friday, February 27, 2009

a warning...

today I created a claim with Paypal.

Back on Jan 15, I ordered 4 items from Simon Says Stamping an ebay store,
over the past month or so, I rec'd 3 packages...but not included were the primary item, the Hero Arts Japanese Doll Stamps.

My last email with them on Feb 17, Heidi said she would be sending the doll stamps, Feb 27...still no stamps. So I escalated to a, because I put the claim as item not rec'd., She was able to provide a USPS tracking number for shipment #3, which I did receive. In the body of my letter, I reference this tracking number, letting her know I did receive it and what was in it. So, if the paypal investigator, just pushes the tracking number, they will see that I did receive the package on Feb 9....well before Heidi's last email on Feb 17.

I called ebay and Matt told me, I should have entered the claim as 'item not described, not item not rec'd" because there are other items on the order that were rec'd...and the paypal claims look at the order as a single unit. But had I claimed 'item not as claimed', it could be looked at as an individual stamp.

So, Heidi knew how to 'play the game', so it is looking like I am out $14.99 for stamps I did not receive.

So, a warning, Heidi at Simon Says Stamping, an ebay store, is 'no bueno' to work with. Too bad, they have a really cool blog and a great selection.


Sandra Collins said...

that's too bad that this happened

Anonymous said...

Dishonest people make me so mad.