Wednesday, February 4, 2009


on Sunday the 1st, we had communion, so I snapped a quickie of the communion table all set up.

on Monday the 2nd, mom and I had lunch with J and Nyki, so here is a pic of one of their cats, Pollux. (I needed a J and N and Castor and Pollux fix that day, it was a tough one) Doesn't Pollux have the cutest little cat face, I think its just about perfect...his shape, his markings. I call him the Mel Gibson of cats, cuz I remember an article talking about the mathematics of porportions and beauty and that Mel got the highest mark for a man, and Catherine Zeta-Jones for a woman.

on Tuesday, the 3rd, I got a package from Luxe Designs Warehouse sale... uh huh, I'm trying not to shop!!

today, Weds, the 4th, I took a pic of Tom (our sales manager)...he left his office and started having pow-wows in our side of the room. Accounting dept says, "Go back in your office, Tom. We don't want to hear it!" ha!!! seriously, we have the quiet side of the office, and we like it that way.

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Janet said...

Fun pics! It's neat that you're doing this project. Your kitty is indeed beautiful!