Saturday, February 21, 2009

rough week...

at work, lots of fun, trying to help with CSR work...yuck! At least 2 nights of lost sleep. I think my 'help' caused more problems..but if I keep that up...maybe, they'll find someone else to act as backup.

at home, my photo printer would not print, but luckily by plugging/unplugging it rebooted and I'm okay.

then yesterday morn, no internet. Just would not work for us. So, last night, Patrick (the company's resident computer guru) stopped by and fixed it!!

But, today is reserved for income tax know, go thru the receipts and make worksheets...yucky!

guess I'll end with a layout, this is for a circle journal swap I'm in, the topic was lazy people, so here are ds and dil and gd on Christmas...the papers used are from my Stampin with Steph December kit...

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