Sunday, February 1, 2009

I actually got to scrap!

Mostly worked on those circle journals. This one is for the Non-postal circle journal, 3 groups of ladies create prompts for layouts to put in a Book of Me, we do our own layouts but post them online to share them. You can concentrate on your own group (I'm in 3) or add the prompts from the other groups...its your BOM. Pretty cool so far.

This one is page 2 of a circle journal..where we just send layouts, not books. This one is about 'my favorite things'. (I won't bore you with page 1, its just a list of what these things are) Using my Kodak picture printing program and HP printer, I was able to print 9 photos on a 5x7...I love having this picture printing capabilities at home!!

did a couple more, hope to do some today...more for the BOM prompts and YES, I'm still working on the Shimelle Christmas journal/album. But I'm on 12-24, so I'm getting there!!

and I've been keeping up my Project 365, though I haven't been posting them. Yesterday was the 'Diva', it was a nice sunny day, so dh let her out her pen so she could stretch and socialize with the horse on the other side of the was a fun day for her also.


Benita said...

Great layouts! TFS

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful layouts and horse! How great to enjoy the sunny day outdoors. :)