Monday, February 9, 2009

Went Cropping...

Went to an all-day crop yesterday, we stayed from 10am to 9pm.  It was great!It was held do I describe this,..a person's crop retreat.  It was on some property, beautiful home and in what would normally be a 3 car garage, was a crop room.  Walls filled with supplies, cabinets filled with more supplies.  Most for sale, a lot for use...3 big tables, where 8 could sit comfortably with lots of room.Great lighting, a small bathroom and kitchen and fridge stocked with soda. 3 tv's.I think its just about everyone's 'dream' crop space.She charges $10 per person and any supplies you purchase during the day.  We kept a list at our 'stations'.Our little group got a lot done.  I finished ds's academy graduation book. (just need to type a little journaling)so, my picture of the day, yesterday was the crop! (note, my little crop smurf)

Oh, I wanted to show ya'll this, I figured you'd understand...Sat morning while sorting a catchall box...I had an assortment of pictures.  Without really thinking about it, I put this pic of dd in Europe on top of this stack.  Under these "Snowflake Diamond" papers by The Paper Studio is her Europe Book.  When I walked into the room later in the evening, I saw this..don't the pictures look stunning on this paper?

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