Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yesterday...was interesting...

it was my Monday off.it was raining/storming, so mom and I had to scrap our plans to travel to Sacramento to take her Japanese food shopping (there is nothing local)

soooo, I spent the day working on the raffle scrapbook, I had the cover page, the last page and 2 more 2 pagers. It was fun...I even put in a couple of Christmas CD's to help me get in the mood.

Then mom and I went to a late lunch...then the dollar store. As we entered the dollar store, I got a phone call from dh...one of doors was 'opened' setting off the alarm. So, I had to go home wait for the Sherrif to arrive. Came home and yes the door was cracked open...but how? I helped mom kick the dogs out of the garage, she swears she not only locked it (but also tested it)...I tried it, I locked it and PUSHED on it and could not open it...so, what happened.?

Mom is 76, could she be confused?

The Sherriff arrives and he is sooooo young ! Bet that is how people feel about my ds when he arrives, cuz he is young looking. We keep teasing him that he is going to be sent undercover in a high school.

Since we did not get the chance to go to the grocery store, we had tuna sandwiches for dinner. Oh Well! It was still good!

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