Thursday, February 26, 2009

yay, tomorrow is Friday!

Work has been crazy. Francine has been out sick, so guess who got to fill in as CSR.
Yesterday, I was taught how to input 'easy' repeat orders, but today I was 'baptized by fire' and was inputting all orders. There were a lot of 'hot' orders that had to get in today. I just hope I did not mess them up too much.
I told dh I'm going to start wearing a 'personal alarm' and when I need help, I'm going to pull the pin!

I tried to explain to dh, I am an accountant. I like accounting, debits = credits. CSR work is like algebra, there are so many variable that change the equation. I failed 8th grade algebra, and in college I had to take 'bonehead' algebra.

We have a couple of big events to plan for.

In March, DH and I will be celebrating our we are going to have a recommit ceremony. Nothing big, after service on the 15th, we are going to stand up, recommit, then have a church wide potluck.
(Our pastor said people have been asking for a pot luck, so we are the excuse)
Then, we will probably have close friends and family over at the 'ranch' to hang out and have dinner. Mexican, I hope.

Then we need to put together a baby shower for the girls. Nyki wants to have it at her new house, she is due in late April...but won't move in till, oh, about March 20.
Betsy is refusing to have a shower, so we decided to combine them...still working out the best date.

But picked up the new papercrafts magazine, hoping to get some ideas...both babies are girls, so I'm thinking diaper cakes. Betsy likes pink...Nyki likes purple..

I should think about making some invitations....but I'm drawing a blank.

Sarah C at 2 Paws Designs posted a montage of pics from Flickr, and it gave me an idea to do the 2 babies names as wall art...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

this room and name art really caught my eye...

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