Friday, April 17, 2009

very odd

There was a bird chirping outside my bedroom window at 2 am...2 AM!!
why would a bird be doing that? isn't there a rule, that they can't start chirping till the sun comes out? My first thought was, "Yay! It's Spring!!" But I could not go back to sleep, till it stopped around 3 am. UGGGGH

Then awakened at 5 am, dh had a friend spend the night...and that was when they left...

Followed by weird dreams. Do you remember your dreams in the morning? My mom doesn't, I wonder if that is a gift. Sometimes my dreams are so odd and disconcerting. This morning, dil going into labor, trying to keep their cat from escaping a new place, then my friend Cheryl going into labor (she's not preggo)and crying over her teenage son who died a couple of summers ago, then a young dd...all dressed up with big curly hair, trying to talk to me about a boy she likes...isn't that just weird. And it sticks with me... esp the sorrow about Cheryl's son.

I took today off, will leave in a couple of hours to help the kids prepare the house for move stuff from garage, paint...whatever they need. Also hoping to scrap a little. There is the 3 pm online crop at 2 peas..and some anniversary challenges at I am a Scrapaholic.

DD's car broke down yesterday, while she was in a Denny's. At first, she could not reach dsil so she called AAA...but as the tow truck arrived another patron at Denny's started her car for her (I'd forgotten how people do that in Texas). And as she drove home, dsil met her halfway, switched cars with her and changed the battery...but I was so impressed, that he would meet her halfway...I really like my dsil...he's my favorite son in law!! (HA!! he is my only dsil)

We really lucked out with our children's choices in spouses. We like and love both of them. I know that does not always happen. And our kids are good people, too...people we can be proud of...we sure are blessed!!

Or, I'm just one damned good mom! teehee!!

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NancyJones said...

how rude of that little bird. wonder if it was a mama and its babies fell out of the nest?
that has happened here before.
sorry about your weird dream. did you eat something heavy before sleep? or was it just the bird waking you up maybe that did it probly lol.
drives me crazy when that happens.
have fun preparing for that little one.